• Breaking the rules

    As part of the 'Smash Up' campaign for BADMINTONEngland we were in the studio to create the mood for the campaign. 'Smash Up' is a project directed toward the school 14-16 age group and sets out to create a new approach to the game. Out goes the teacher with the tracksuit and whistle and the white kit, in comes a 'wear what you care' approach, together with an environment where the sessions could be played with a backdrop of favourite music. The sessions themselves set out to break down the format of the game into individuals tasks, games, group sessions, in fact anything to make the sessions attractive and memorable.

    So we set out with photography studio Frasershot to create a library of images presenting this looser approach, with standard model and action poses together with group shots. The end results formed part of the whole campaign also produced by Deep Red Creative.