Deep Red were commissioned by sports charity StreetGames to produce an identity and branding for their Doorstep Sport Club (DSC) brand. DSC specifically targets disadvantaged communities in which both participants and volunteers can benefit through various sports. 
Street Games required an identity that could remain flexible to support other Street Games projects and also be able to promote specific sports.
The ‘D’ icon was produced as a solid initial made up of various pixelated squares. This would allow the identity to be colour specific but also versatile, through secondary or third colour elements
The project involved the creation of an identity and generic branding, which crucially needed to facilitate both associated brands and support sponsor identities. The identity also had to reflect elements of the existing Street Games identity. The overall identity utilises the circle and arrow familiar within the Street Games ID.
The initial stage presented 10 potential options which ultimately became narrowed down to three and subjected to focus group and social media opinion, before ultimately arriving at the finalised solution which included a specific ID for Social Media and adapted versions specific to other Street games projects and sport specific initiatives. 
The sub branding explored the pixel theme through the overall support graphics together with the motto ‘Your Sport, Your Patch’.
The project involved full brand guidelines, social media, plus bespoke artwork templates for use at local club level.