BADMINTON England wanted to launch a campaign to encourage school children to take up the game within the school environment.  The tactical approach was to present Badminton as a sport that promoted social engagement as much as its aerobic and athletic benefits. Key to achieving interest was to ensure that the on-site presentation was not the normal school approach and thus attitude to the game and elements such as what kit to wear were presented with a more relaxed fashion. Deep Red established the whole brand messaging from its overall title, logo and visual approach through to specific themed sessions in which the game took on different tasks and skill-set measures. The campaign features augmented reality linked posters, social media, promotional videos and group linked microsites.


“BADMINTON England appointed Deep Red as the chosen branding and design agency for our new school sports programme SmashUp! after a rigorous and detailed pitch process involving 11 other agencies, all with significant experience in the youth market.

This decision has been fully justified with Deep Red producing a brand identity and supporting visuals that not only are right on target market for the 12-17 year old market we wanted to focus on, but are also engaging, thought through and adaptable.

Personally, after having worked with a number of branding agencies in the past, I have found Deep Red not only to be a cost effective agency with regard to maximising opportunities and return on a small budget but also extremely passionate, well researched and totally client focussed.

From researching the age group at concept stage through to the photo shoot, Deep Red have shown great willingness to take on board opinion from across the organisation, reflect on it, challenge it and advise in a way that I have rarely experienced.

This has meant they have the support of key stakeholders and have become an integral part of the roll out of a new programme.

Deep Red have taken a brief and brought it to life to an extent that it has changed the outlook and culture on how BADMINTON England are now going to position itself within the youth market”.  

Andrew Mitchell 

Marketing & Communications Manager BADMINTON England